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DEUCON Medical

Connecting global patients with high-quality medical treatment in Germany.

Our Service

International patients who want to take advantage of high-quality German medical treatment often encounter the problem of not easily finding a suitable clinic in Germany. Selecting a clinic that is a good fit for the patient’s medical condition is very difficult and often cannot be done without assistance. Deucon Medical and our partners offer this service professionally.

Our local partners in the patient’s home country take care of arranging pre-examinations, collecting medical history and laboratory tests. This data is then securely shared with Deucon, who then take care of discussing each individual case with matching clinics in Germany.

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This allows Deucon to find a perfect match between patient and clinic(s).

Visa & Travel Planning

Once a suitable clinic has been selected and capacity there is available, costs will be discussed with the patient. After that, all the necessary visa and travel documents that are required for entry to Germany will be prepared. In addition to travel arrangements, preparations for the stay in Germany are made. Deucon takes care of the entire stay, from arriving at the airport to a successful return after treatment, not only for the patient themselves, but also for an additional accompanying companion. During this entire process, our local partners are always available as a direct point of contact.

Financials & Payment

Before the journey starts, the entire amount (as discussed with the patient in the planning phase) will be paid to our local partner. Payment to the clinics is done directly between Deucon, our partners, and the clinics themselves. With this streamlined process, the patient can concentrate fully on their stay in Germany.